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Funding Invoice has a full online marketplace platform allowing you to upload your invoices and documents through our portal. Here, you can also check any fees, payments and information regarding your invoice finance loan application.

  • We begin by requiring some basic information about you and your business including your proof of ID, proof of address and company financials. Once approved, you can begin to upload your invoices and submit them for invoice funding. Issue invoices in the morning and get paid in the evening.
  • We believe that the success of your application should be based on the invoice that you offer and the quality of the product you provide. If a quality company is willing to trust you and pay for your services, then we can trust you too.
  • Instead of carrying out credit checks against your personal credit file, we seek verification of the invoice from the stockist that you are working with i.e the company who is going to pay your invoice. We verify the details of each invoice by speaking with your customer and confirming all the information including the invoice value, payment terms and dates. Once agreed, we will verify your application and the funds can be released to you within 48 hours, although we regularly transfer funds to your business bank account within 24 hours.
  • When it comes to repayment, the invoice will be paid into Funding Invoice's bank account. This is a security measure which allows us to confirm receipt of the invoice payment. We then return any excess funds to you and now you should find your business has a much stronger financial position and positive cash flow.

How much can I borrow

We’ll work with you to get access to your cash quickly.

There is no minimum or maximum invoice value that you can borrow. Once approved, we typically finance around 70% to 85% of the invoice value upfront. We accept all kinds of invoices, whether they have been issued already or not.

For the first 30 days that you need to borrow, the fees charged will be around 2.5% and then 1% is then added for each 30-day period after. i.e. a 60-day invoice would cost around 3.5% and 90-day invoice would cost around 4.5%.

Quick funding calculator

Use our quick calculator to see how much funding we can provide on your outstanding invoices

Cash advance you will receive immediately:


On invoice payment you will receive remaining:


Total funding:


Our fee: £250

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