Team Talk Tuesdays: Meet Sunwoo(ed)! #TTT

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Throughout my time at university, I always thought about setting up my own business but I thought I still had a lot to learn from working with other companies first. Therefore, I suppose I was like a boat swayed by waves without having an anchor in one place. I applied to various roles at big companies without ever thinking about why I would like to do that job and why I would like to work at that company – it just felt like the right thing to do. After a number of conversations with mentors and after having read a load of different articles and thought pieces, it became clear that a lack of passion and commitment in your career will never take you to the right destination.


In my final year, I was fortunate enough to have the chance to take a business module which was about international business marketing. As an economics student who is used to modelling and analysing based on mathematical theories, learning a business marketing module was a big change! As opposed to economics’ “listen and write” style of lecture, business pursued “debate and participate” lecture styles. Additionally, I was given an individual assignment to choose and analyse international business marketing from a list of companies representing various industries. From this experience, I realised how influential marketing and business strategies are for the companies’ revenues and profits and wanted to delve into marketing and business development by having a real-world experience.

Fast forward to now, I am currently working as a marketing intern at Funding Invoice, the invoice-trading fin-tech start-up. I can confidently say that working at Funding Invoice is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Here are 4 reasons why I would encourage grads to consider working for a startup.


I personally do not have much experience working at a larger company. However, people have me told me many times that it takes a long time to be involved in and contribute to business development because any suggestions/opinions have to go through numerous phases in order to come to fruition. Therefore, I believe that it would be much harder to appreciate how influential their actions/efforts would be on the performance of the company.

Working in a start-up such as Funding Invoice actually makes you realise that your work can and will have a positive impact on the firm. Presentations you create, as you submit or any new industries you might suggest to target actually do contribute towards the strategy of the business. That’s not to say that every idea is a good idea but rather that you have the ability and opportunity to make your work count.


I think it is common for undergraduates to only hear about the amount of effort, passion and commitment required for setting up and running a business but not have really experienced it or seen it before.

You will be able to feel how passionate and committed they are if you work in a start-up. Whenever we talk about pricing strategies, investors, and clients, I can always feel that they care very much about the company and feel proud about what they are doing. It has made me realise that coming up with and developing the business model must have involved so much thought and effort.

Funding Invoice’s operation is very virtuous in many aspects. We focus on offering alternative finance that helps in alleviating the blockage of cash-flow of SMEs. This is how Funding Invoice is able to hunt two rabbits at once. Bringing profits for investors by also helping businesses to grow. How virtuous is that! When I learnt the idea of this business, I felt that there is no one in the world who would not be attached to the company and not have a pride in working here.


Working at start-up will generally be a fast-paced, versatile and dynamic environment. This means that you have to learn to be flexible in many situations and know how to prioritise your work.

Being an intern at a start-up will mean you will not stick to your own division. You will get to experience various divisions, tasks and aspects of the business. Although I am a marketing intern, I can still learn about business development, PR and accounting. So, when working at a start-up you have to know how to adapt to many situations!

I found it tough in the beginning but I am getting better at it now J I am sure if you are someone with a high level of curiosity and prefer a dynamic work environment then this is your place to be!


This reason is solely about Funding Invoice.

I sincerely feel very lucky to have met these friendly people in the workplace. There is not a big age difference between us all here, therefore communication among workers is very smooth and we always have common topics to talk about.

Additionally, you can feel that they will always try to help you out when in need. If you feel that you are deficient in working with a particular software or skill, they will invest their time to teach you.

Lastly, on every Thursday we have a social event so that we get to know each other better and have a good time. Again, I feel so lucky to have met this team!