Team Talk Tuesdays: Meet Alice! #TTT

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Alice is the newest member of the Funding Invoice team! Having just arrived beginning of June as a summer intern, she will be helping out our Marketing team. Here’s a quick Q&A!


Tell us about you?

I’m a French student, in my third year, undergraduate of a Business School called INSEEC in Bordeaux. I’m 20 and I’m working as a Marketing Analyst.


Why London?

This is my third time in London and I love the city! I discovered London on an internship in January 2016 as a Marketing Assistant. During this time, I quickly fell in love with the city. When my internship ended in April 2016, I decided to come back later during the summer. I found a job as waitress just to earn money and continue my life in London. After returning to Bordeaux, and then spending 3 months in San Francisco, I decided to come back once again for the summer. And I was very happy to have found another great internship at a very exciting company.


Favourite Places in London?

Until now, I have always defended the west side of London as I have lived there previously. I found it to be peaceful, surrounded by landscaped gardens. But this time around, I discovered East London! If you’re a young professional who likes to enjoy cool places, partying on rooftops and eating in trendy places, the East side of London is definitely for you.

My latest discovery is in Shoreditch. “Last Days of Shoreditch”, is a cool open air pop-up open during the summer – from May to August. The music is great, there are plenty of cool bars where you can find Pimm’s, original cocktails (the Watermelon one is delicious!)… and there is even a slide, a small one but still fun!


When did your first become interested in working for a start-up?

During my trip to San Francisco in late 2016, my course was focused on the start-up mindset. Close to the famous Silicon Valley, San Francisco is a dream for any entrepreneur eager to learn. There, I studied The Lean Start Up Methodology and Design Thinking. I printed 3D objects, learned the basics of coding and discovered more about the Bay Area StartUp Ecosystem… So, when I returned to France, I decided to put into practice the things that I had learned. During the months of January and February 2017, I discovered more about start-up culture in a 3D agency doing AR and VR, based in Bordeaux. I was working as a Business Developer. It was a formative experience that I really enjoyed.

As a result, when I knew that I would have free time in the summer, I started to search for a fintech start up in London. And I found Funding Invoice!


What attracted you to work at Funding Invoice?

The concept of Funding Invoice was smart and innovative and I quickly became motivated by the business and the team, after having read numerous articles about them and the role of invoice finance. Also, it wasn’t just working on the marketing side of things I was attracted to, but also the opportunity to learn about account management, SEO and risk. On the job spec, they were explaining the job as an internship with different tasks day after day: it was exactly what I was looking for and it’s exactly what I’m doing now. So, after a month, I continue to enjoy working every day with a super friendly and professional team.


3 words to describe Funding Invoice?

Ambitious, Inspiring, Innovative


What have you enjoyed about working at Funding Invoice so far?

First, it’s the diversity of the day to day tasks. I learn something new every day about marketing, accounting, PR, how to handle a business and much more. Also, the team considers me as a full member and they teach me a lot! It’s a rewarding experience to be part of the company.


What are you hoping to achieve in the future at Funding Invoice?

First, being French, I will need to feel more comfortable with the language and with people in front of me to be able to talk about what we do at Funding Invoice. I would also love to be able to onboard a few clients!

When I leave Funding Invoice I really want to have done something which will contribute drastically to the growth and success of the company.

Then, in a distant future, why not help take Funding Invoice to France. I’m pretty sure that the system should work well in the country. Maybe this is something I should speak to Aamar about! 😉


If you’re not working where can you usually be found?

Its varies. Depending of the day, the weather and what have done the day before, I could be with friends chilling in a park, on a terrace with a beer in my hand, visiting an exhibition or just quiet at home with my housemate. I just try to make sure that my week end doesn’t look like the previous one. I want to enjoy my life in London (and in general) as long as possible!


Unexpected fact:

I lived in Senegal for 4 years, from 6 to 10 years old. It was a great experience and, I think, it has made me quite open minded and with a good appreciation of the diversity of life around us.

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