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Can Funding Invoice help my business?

If your business is a limited company or LLP, supplies goods or services to large businesses and receives payment on varying credit terms – we can help to smooth the bumps in your cash flow.

Am I eligible to invest?

We’re only able to work with high net-worth, sophisticated and/or institutional investors to invest on our platform.  For the avoidance of doubt, such products and services are not available to retail investors.

This link contains the declarations which must be made by individual investors in order to use our platform.




How much does it cost?

With Funding Invoice, there are no hidden costs – you know exactly how much you’ll be paying before you raise finance against an invoice. The typical cost of our service is between 2-3%. Fees are affected by the revenue of your business, how long you need funds for and the creditworthiness of your customer.

How much do I get up front?

We typically advance 80-85% of your invoice up front, you receive the remainder once the invoice is settled.

We can increase advance rates with a good track record and with added security such as a personal guarantee and/or a debenture.

Is there a minimum or maximum invoice value that you will fund?

While we don’t have a minimum invoice value that we’ll consider, we do have a minimum fee of £275. This means that it’s often not economically viable for you to fund invoices of less than £5,000.

We don’t have a maximum invoice value at this moment in time. The largest invoice we have funded is around £1m.

Do you chase payment of my invoices?

No – Funding Invoice aims to minimise our interaction with your customers in order to protect your working relationship with them.

Credit control is left to you.


What is Invoice Factoring?

Heard of Invoice Factoring? Considering opening a facility? Before you do, watch our informational video to see what this form of invoice finance is all about and how Funding Invoice might be better for you!

What is Invoice Discounting?

Thinking about using Invoice Discounting? Check out Funding Invoice to see our innovative take on invoice finance. We can help you to fulfil your business ambitions.

What is Invoice Trading?

Invoice Trading is the latest take on Invoice Finance and is what we at Funding Invoice specialise in. Check out this video to see how it’s more flexible than traditional invoice finance!

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