Why invest with Funding Invoice?


Investments are backed by invoices owed by strong debtors and are verified by Funding Invoice.

High yield

Earn strong net yields of 8-12% by supporting the growth of UK SMEs.


The average invoice is paid in just 38 days so you can withdraw uninvested funds anytime.


Auto-invest funds across a portfolio of invoices to spread risk and ensure deployment of funds.


We fund invoices owed by a variety of companies from a range of industries.


We provide credit info on the debtors of the invoice with return and yield info given up front.

The Process

  • Eligibility

    To invest with Funding Invoice, you must be a high net-worth, sophisticated or institutional investor.

  • Register

    Register your details online and wait for us to contact you.

  • Deposit

    Credit your account with a minimum of £50k.

  • Invest

    Fund individual invoices or spread risk by investing equally across all available invoices.

  • Earn

    Earn annualised returns of 8-12% by funding the lifeblood of the UK's economy - SMEs.

 Your capital is at risk – Returns may vary – £50,000 minimum investment

Contact Us

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