Infographic – The Invoice Trading Industry

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Within the emerging industry that is alternative finance, there is lots of new information to digest, including loads of  terminology and technical terms.

We want to break down the nitty-gritties and attempt to make alternative finance as straight-forward and uncomplicated as possible. Once you get your head around the basics, it all will all seem to fit into place, we promise!

Over the coming months Funding Invoice will be releasing some beautiful, simplistic infographics to share some knowledge with our readers.

Last week’s infographic focused on the broader industry of Invoice Finance, which is sub-sectioned into invoice trading, factoring and invoice discounting.

This week we decided to delve a little deeper into this area with an infographic based on the invoice trading industry.


Take a look to find out more about

  • What is Invoice Trading? 
  • The key benefits of using Invoice Trading
  • The outcomes of using Invoice Trading
  • How SMEs are made aware of Invoice Trading
  • Overall views on Invoice Trading

Please let us know what you think. We love getting feedback and comments!

Thanks for reading.


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